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Welcome, Fellow Fools!

“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” Hermann Hesse, Demian: Die Geschichte von Emil Sinclairs Jugend

I want to extend you the warmest of welcomes. My name is Mia. I am the main Tarot reader and owner of Fool's Fortunes LLC, a website created with the goal of providing Tarot services and education to those interested in the enigmatic, intriguing deck of cards. It is with the deepest excitement that I announce that after much time, study, and planning, Fool's Fortunes is officially up and running! You are on the starting page of a labor of great love and dedication.

This site was created to be a safe space for seekers.

Here at Fool's Fortunes, we wish to reclaim the title of "fool". Many associate fools with the willfully ignorant, the stupid, and the unwise. But the term 'fool' in Tarot has a far different and more empowering meaning. The Fool is the 0 card in the Tarot, usually placed at the beginning of the deck. It represents a brave individual at the start of their journey, one who is aware they don't know everything but who nevertheless has the courage, humility, and intelligence to seek out knowledge in order to pursue their goals. We are all seekers on our journey through life and so the title of 'fool' is actually a high compliment in the context of the Tarot.

Many are curious about Tarot but shy away from it due to stigma and fear. This is understandable. Media oft portrays Tarot as being connected with malicious, dangerous magic and doom-filled messages, implying that knowing your future seals it. Others have the valid concern of being scammed. Unfortunately, many dishonest people seek profit over the well-being of their clients and scam many people, tarnishing the names of Tarot readers. In addition, unforgivably, many fear mongers hide behind Tarot to promote hate. By claiming to know unknowable secrets and asking others to trust them without thinking critically, they try to manipulate other people and attempt to control them.

The truth is that Tarot's power doesn't lie in the card, it lies within you. Tarot is simply a tool you can use to increase your ability to listen to yourself and your intuition. Knowing this prevents you from being misled by those who say your future lies in their hands. Tarot can show you a possible future based on where the events of your current and past situation may lead, but in the end, it is your choices that determine what happens next. The power always remains in your hands. Dear fellow fool, please do not forget this. Fool's Fortunes begins and remains a safe space for seekers to learn about Tarot and begin their journey in trusting themselves.

So, now that you are here, what can you expect from Fool's Fortunes?

There are two main parts to this website: The blog and the shop.

Featuring posts by the research-savvy Greenie - who has her own introduction page, please feel free to check it out!- the blog's goal is to empower you by informing you. Regardless of your religious orientation and beliefs, well-researched information will be presented here that will help you begin your journey with Tarot and use its insights to further your own path. It also seeks to provide support and encouragement when learning may get tricky. Reading Tarot is a skill that takes time and practice. As with anything worth doing, learning something new is challenging and a journey in its own right. As always, the benefits far outweigh the challenges and as exemplified by the spirit of the Fool card, the journey is its own reward. It is the blog's goal to act as a faithful companion on the road, encouraging you and cheering you on when the way gets steeper. The best view is always at the precipice!

The second part is the shop. The goal of the shop is to provide Tarot readings at a reasonable cost. I love Tarot deeply and opened this shop after about three years of practice because I feel I am in a position to provide informed and honest readings that can benefit others. These readings aim, not only to help you find the answers you seek, but to also inspire you by seeing firsthand where practice can take you. As an example: For those learning music, hearing a musician who has been practicing and honing their skills can be inspiring and encouraging. It is my hope that you can see the benefit of Tarot firsthand, as well as have a place to go when you have any questions. Providing readings also help me further hone my skills, so in the end, we grow together! :)

No Tarot reader is the same. Just like artists, everyone reader has a different style and interpretation of the cards. Requesting a Tarot reading is a lot like requesting a commission from an artist. If you find my style doesn't resonate with you, please don't let your journey stop here! Please seek out other Tarot readers until you find those that resonate with you most. There are many wonderful, honest readers out there that can offer you insightful readings. I owe much to the amazing Tarot readers that have assisted me on my journey.

So, why are you here?

Fool's Fortunes is here to remind you that even though you walk your unique, individual path, you are not alone. We fellow fools are here to support each other every step of the way. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey!

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