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Welcome, fellow fool!

“The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

- William Shakespeare, As You Like It


Please know, by welcoming you as a fellow fool I mean no insult. In fact, to be called a fool is the highest of compliments! Or at least, it is in the context of the Tarot, which this website aims to explore and chronicle.


In the Tarot, the Fool is a symbol of exploration, innocence, and courage above all. It implies the courage to journey through life and seek the unknown, even if the path is difficult or painful. The first 22 cards of the Tarot document the journey the Fool, (and in turn every person) takes through life. We can use Tarot as a tool and see how it can help us tap into our intuition. Having a strong connection with our intuition can help us make the best out of our lives, empowering our ability to make wise choices, and increasing our love and acceptance towards ourselves and others.


On this website, you will find blog posts about Tarot as well as an opportunity to purchase personal readings. Whether you are someone fascinated with Tarot, a skeptic, or simply curious about it, you are welcome here. It is my hope you will find the information on this website insightful in your own journey of self-growth and personal achievement.

Shall we journey together? 

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