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Tarot Reading

Meet Your Reader

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website!


My name is Mia and my pronouns are she/her. English teacher by day, musician/bookwork at all other times, I'm a polymath in love with learning. Whether it's stories, art, music, history, mythology, or the like, I love spending time exploring and trying to understand all the things that make us human.

My interest in Tarot started with curiosity (and perhaps more than a little skepticism!). After being consistently surprised by how relevant certain readings were to my life, my curiosity turned into a full-blown passion. I know how I've benefited from using Tarot, I really want others to know the same! :) This combined with an aching desire to pursue a higher purpose has brought Fool's Fortunes to life.

Divination is my specialty and Tarot cards are my particular love. I began studying how to read them intensively since 2019 through research and daily practice. I currently have a selection of 6 different Tarot decks you can select for your readings.

Hello! My name is Greenie~ Having worked several years in the live entertainment business, I have a passion for all kinds of art. I particularly love architecture and design, and I enjoy writing on the side for fun. 

I was first introduced to tarot when I was a young child, and when I turned 13, my mother gifted me my first deck. It was a special one, one that had been her very first deck. That was the start of my journey, where I delved deep into learning the art of tarot. I fell in love with the practice and as time went on, I learned that no matter how much I find I know, there's always more to learn.

Meet Your Writer

Image by Viva Luna Studios

A dear friend of my mother's⁠—who acted as a second mother-figure to me—was also a major influence in my life when it came to tarot. I grew up admiring her collection, always watching it grow with a childlike wonder. I vowed one day I'd become just like her, branching out from a single gifted deck to multiple decks of my own. And the bigger my collection grew, the more I've grown to love it.

Today I enjoy analyzing and studying tarot. I enjoy understanding its ins and outs and what makes it unique to each individual reader. I hope that with my blog, I can spread that passion onto others and offer a space for open, honest learning and shared growth. Shall we journey together?

The Goal 

Here at Fool's Fortunes, we view Tarot as a very powerful tool for helping people connect with their intuition. Everyone knows the best choices to make in life, but due to doubt and pressures from the world around us, it is easy to lack confidence in our decisions.  So, through our Tarot readings, we want to help you connect with your inner voice and to help you trust it. Doing this is something we feel can bring great benefit to you, and it is beneficial to us because it gives us personal fulfillment and meaning, and lets us pursue our passion for Tarot.

This website is a quiet, safe space where we offer readings and document our personal journeys as tarot readers. In our Blog (featuring posts primarily by our lovely Greenie), you will find musings and analyses about readings, intuition, and sometimes even art.


Why the name? 

The Fool is a Tarot card that aptly fits the purpose of this website. It most commonly represents innocence and naivety, but also, courage. It takes courage to admit how much we don't know, and then to seek truth that challenges our beliefs and comfort zones. It takes courage to grow, to seek, to accept what is found, and to relay it to others. The path to truth is by no means easy, it is painful, difficult, and humbling. And yet it is a path worth every trial. Fool's Findings hopes to capture the spirit of this card, the beginning of journies, the beginning of paths.

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