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This is a spread to help you orient yourself on your current path, find insightful lessons in your circumstances, and help you plan what to do next. The questions this spread answers are: 


  • Where am I on my journey?
  • What lesson lies in my past?
  • What lesson lies in my present?
  • What lesson lies ahead in my future?
  • What do I need to gain the most from this moment?
  • Where should I focus for my next step?



There are four decks you can choose from as shown in the picture above. They are:


  • Rider-Waite Smith
  • Shadowscapes
  • Mystical Manga
  • Crow Tarot


In the notes, please include your name, your email and which deck you prefer to be used in your reading. It is very important to include your correct email, as this will be used to deliver your reading.



All readings are presented in a formated document and include a complimentary sigil. You can expect your reading to be sent to your email in 1-3 days. Before making any purchases, please review our FAQs page.

Fool's Journey Mirror Spread

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